Tourist Attractions In The United States

City of New York is one of the modern city in the United States that has a large selection of tourist and vacation places. The city is visited by tens of millions of tourists each year, or not less than 50 million foreign tourists who come on holiday to New York city in 2011. With it, you could say that the city of New York is a favorite choice for a vacation to foreign tourists in the United States. Many things that make modern city is visited by many foreign tourists from various countries in the world, such as tourism, business, industry, the beauty of the city, or other factors are more attractive to foreign tourists.

Some vacation spots and attractions in the city of New York is a favorite of the tourists are:

Empire State Building
Grand Central Terminal
Ellis Island Immigration Museum
Rockefeller Center
Statue of Liberty
Staten Island Ferry
Central Park
American Museum of Natural History
The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Options above are just some of the hundreds of tourist attractions in the city of New York, if you vacation in this famous city, you can determine the choice of other tourist accommodation that you like.

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