Top Travel Apps


Travel Apps

Going somewhere? And you’re not sure how to get there?  Worried about, booking hotel rooms, knowing whether your budget will help you until you return home? or worried about the climate you’ll be facing through your journey?

Now you need worry about your traveling plans, as in this technology processed the world, the internet and mobile apps take care of most of the things. Below mentioned are some of the top mobile apps that will help you bid goodbye to your worries and lead you to your destination:

  1. Hotel Tonight

This app will help you find all the available rooms from the best hotels at your destination at a reasonable price. You can get a full information on rates and qualities so that you choose one at the comfort of your budget and don’t have to regret your decision later. No more hotel search after your tiring journey, you can directly go and rest at your hotel room.

(Available on iOS, Windows Phone, and Android phones)

  1. TripIt

This app helps you completely organize your itinerary plans. This app gives you an alert for your flights and schedules. Plus, you can view your itinerary plan form any latest device, even if you are offline. There is a feature on the app that helps you create your master itinerary plan just by forwarding your confirmation emails, tickets, and reservations and this is the best thing about this app.

(Available on iOS, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry)

  1. Yahoo Weather

Now you don’t need to get stuck during your journey because of a bad weather. Yahoo Weather is a weather forecasting app which displays images and time of the day along with the weather conditions of your location so that you can make a wise weather prediction even before you reach somewhere. This is an user-friendly, easy-to-use app. ( Available on: Android, iOS )

  1. XE Currency

Forget about the confusing currency calculations, XE Currency will efficiently this for you. With this app, you can also get information of latest exchange rates, view historical charts and calculate prices. (Available on iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows phone)

  1. Google map

Last but not the least, Google map is a must have in every traveler’s phone. Now, you don’t need to worry about being lost or confused about the routes. Wherever you reach or wherever you want to reach, just google on google map and there you can see all the possible routes for reaching your destination point.

These apps do the best of their abilities to make your journey happy and wonderful. With help of these apps, you need to face journey hassles whenever you are on a holiday or a tour, just make sure that you make a fullest possible use of this


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