The Islands Of The French Polynesia

French Polynesia’s shimmering blue lagoons and soaring emerald peaks produce an unparalleled beauty that has impressed travelers for decades. There are 118 idyllic islands including such jewels as Tahiti, Bora Bora,  and Moorea  awaiting your discovery. Tahiti is its most famous island.

Richard Bondurant’s company, “Custom Tahiti Travel,” specializes in luxury travel to the most beautiful islands of the French Polynesia. Their services tie in seamlessly with the requirements of upscale leisure travelers and prospective personal island patrons exploring their choices in Les Sous-le-Vent, covering everything from selecting the proper hotel to the time of the trip, to setting up private boat and helicopter transfers. Bondurant place emphasis on the importance of choosing the proper hotel base to guests and buyers in exploring the islands. Some  have been quoted as saying “On my initial trip to the Islands in the 90s, the hotels were great. They’re all five-star”. But experience will show that’s not true. Because the islands are unique,  every hotel is different.  It is recommended that you select an island hotel based on your interests and needs.

Bora Bora is generally considered the most lovely island in the world as a result of of its incredible lagoon and glistening water colors. It has spectacular resorts “floating” on turquoise water that overlook the picture-perfect mount Otemanu. Better known by the name of its main island, Tahiti, French Polynesia is a wonderland of reef-fringed islands, with sparkling blue lagoons. Tahiti is considered one of the most stunningly beautiful places on the earth, with its tall rugged mountain peaks, coral reefs, white sand palm-fringed beaches and opulent intimate resorts. But there’s more to French Polynesia, than simply strolling its captivating beaches. Adventures are plentiful in these archipelagos. Around the islands of Tahiti, the dramatic views continue below the water’s surface. Divers and snorkelers are astonished by the density of huge marine life.

The islands steep oceanic drop-offs, sunken ships, walls of bright coral and the vast array of smaller species are breathtaking, simply amazing. There are encounters with manta rays, whose enormous wingspans eclipses the divers. And dolphins can be seen frolicking along the surface of the deep-blue water. Another major attraction for tourists are the parade of humpback whales that make their yearly appearance in the waters of the islands.Thrill seekers might enjoy exploring the Tuamotu Islands, with its flawless black pearls, and where the ocean is swirling with an array of hungry sharks.

Those interested in the island’s privately own real estate, will have a competitive edge with the help of  Richard Bondurant. With his in-depth knowledge and hands on data of the islands and resorts, the island buyer will be sufficiently equipped before the competition even comes to the islands. The island of Bora Bora is less than an one-hour away from Tahiti and Moorea. With shimmering lagoons in exquisite colors of greens and blues, the island is coveted by “romantics” worldwide looking for a get-away to spent some time alone together. Dramatic atmosphere ensues as Mount Otemanu pierces the sky, revealing lush tropical slopes and valleys blossoming in a beautiful array of hibiscus. Whether its the powder-soft white sand beaches that greet the emerald waters, or the rainbow colors of the underworld life that showcase the coral gardens, this island is considered a special place.Tourists worldwide feel Bora Bora is the most beautiful island on the planet, especially those that want to basks in its scenery by day and revel in romance under the stars at night.

The islands can be a hedonistic playground for ordinary people and the famous. Some would love to live out their existence in a tropical paradise. The islands of Rangiroa, Fakarava, Manihi, and Tikehau have a completely different style of landscape. They are  incredibly seductive, with a far off and exotic feeling to them, that’s different from the mountainous islands.  Here’s where you can find the most effective snorkeling and diving that the islands have to offer.

At Custom Tahiti Travel, it has been more than 15 years since our 1st trip to Tahiti. We understand the islands and hotels intimately. There are differences that make each hotel distinctive. To satisfy clients, variations of the differences in hotel accommodations are combined  to meet the clients’ desires, interests, and needs. There are several airline options in traveling to the islands.  Air Tahiti Nui and Air France offer a direct flight from Los Angeles to Tahiti each day of the week.  From Honolulu, Hawaiian Airlines offers a nonstop flight to Tahiti on Saturday, with a Sunday trip back to your destination.

Traveling between islands is straightforward and quick.   So, if you plan on staying a week,  you can visit more than one island.   Everyone is welcome to the islands, no matter if you are on vacation,  a honeymoon, or with your family. The weather and seasons should not be factors in selecting your dates. It will typically be warm and sunny. The seasonal high prices are from May to November and late December. The prices are arbitrarily set for the busy wide-spread travel seasons.  The Islands Of The French Polynesia offers fun and exploration, whatever you are looking to find to satisfy your interests and desires.

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