The Beauty of Sharks Bay, World Heritage Site in Western Australia

Sharks Bay is a marine tourism into the world heritage list which is located in Western Australia, to be precise about 800 kilometers north of Perth. This bay has a very beautiful scenery in the form of shallow bays.

Many things can be done every tourist who comes to this place, such as diving, fishing, boating or just enjoying the beauty of rare animals that are there. Sharks Bay is home to 126 rare species of mammals, 230 species of birds and 150 species of reptiles. Most types of rare animal species is found in the Sharks Bay Australia. For example, seagrass in Sharks Bay retain nearly reached about 12 species, while seagrass in other countries are very rare, namely in North America and Europe only has 1 seagrass species. This is really a fantastic tourist attractions in Western Australia are very popular with its natural beauty. This place also has stingrays, and about 10,000 dugongs foraging in Sharks Bay. This place could be a reference to the right vacation when you visit Australia.

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