Puerto de la Cruz in the Canary Islands, One of Holiday Destination in Spain

Puerto de la Cruz is one of holiday destination in Spain, who entered in the Canary Islands region in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Puerto de la Cruz was originally a farming area that is now developed into a tours city with luxurious buildings that surround. This place used as a tourist destination due to its natural location adjacent to the harbor and the coastal area of extensive.

Holidays in Puerto de la Cruz  is beauty tourist destination of historic buildings owned by the city ,such as Costa Martiánez, museum of prehistoric, and lavish churches around the city. A large water garden and aquatic animals such as fish attraction intelligent dolphins, and sea lions are cute, ready to enliven the atmosphere visitors. Pampering place like a hotel and department stores are ready to accompany holiday visitors as needed. The combination of the varied attractions, convenient facilities, and the beauty of the city that are available will add a relaxed atmosphere that is not forgotten.

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