Packing List for Adventure Travelers

You don’t want to ruin your travel program, right? Then prepare the packing list and make sure to double-check everything before leaving. When it comes to adventurous travel, it pays to be extra alert. Adventurous–the word itself suggests that it’s going to be a dangerous or risky travel. Whatever it may be, you will need the following items in your packing list:


  1.    You will need cash. Don’t just rely only on debit and credit cards. They may not work due to a number of various reasons.
  2.    Always carry trekking bags instead of suitcases. This keeps your hands free.
  3.    First aid boxes with cotton, Dettol, handy-tapes, scissors, bandages, creams, and various medicines are very important. On the way, there is always the chance of injuries and sickness.
  4.    Carry a small umbrella to protect from scorching sunshine and rain. A raincoat or cap can be another alternative.
  5.    You never know what will happen on the way. Even if you decide to use hotels, carry some packaged and prepared food and water.
  6.    During the night, a head torch will help you a lot.
  7.    Sometimes washrooms may not have water or toiletries. Toilet paper can help you a lot in an emergency situation.
  8.    Always carry extra clothes and footwear. The clothes you carry will depend on the weather and location. Carry warm clothes for winter and cotton for summer. Use strong boots for mountaineering and for cold places. Slippers can work for summer.
  9.    Mobile telephones will help you to communicate if you are lost or if any problem arises.
  10.    Take a watch for a scheduled trip.
  11.     Maps and travel apps can be useful to find your way around, since you may be unfamiliar with your surroundings while traveling in strange places.
  12.    Cameras are also essential for capturing photos and videos of the journey.
  13.    Plastic bags are useful for holding many things.

The lists are light to carry. Don’t miss any of them. Don’t get overburdened carrying unnecessary things. You travel to enjoy, not to carry loads. Share materials with your peers and group to reduce the load. Purchase required items whenever it is necessary. Based on my personal experience, I would suggest you go with as few items as possible and return back with filled-up bags. Use guides for assistance.

Other requirements may be:

  •    Binoculars
  •    Sleeping bags
  •    ID cards, passports, or citizenship cards
  •    Sunglasses
  •    Masks
  •    Extra batteries
  •    Notebooks, pens
  •    Creams and lip balms
  •    Tissues
  •    Handbags
  •    Creams that repel insects and alleviates bites
  •    Gloves
  •    Cleansing gels
  •    Bed sheets
  •    Travel games


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