Itaipu Dam, One of Seven Wonders of the Modern World

Itaipu Dam is one of seven modern Wonders of the World. This is a big dam because it is a big project that never existed in the world of power generation. Itaipu Dam is located on the border of the famous country in the world, Paraguay and Brazil. The name “Itaipu” which is located on the Parana River took the name of the area around the river Parana.

Itaipu Dam is by the American Society of Civil Engineers designated as one of seven modern Wonders of the World in 1994 is a dam with a length of 7919 meters and height of this dam reaches 196 meters. The advantages of this dam is the material used, the material used is iron and steel. These materials, if the count is to count them is tantamount to making as many as 380 of the Eiffel Tower. What an incredible dam.

Itaipu Dam, if counted from the start the operation, had been visited by foreign and local tourists from many countries. About 9 million visitors have come to enjoy the wonders and beauty of Itaipu Dam on the border of Brazil and Paraguay that.

Itaipu Dam dam said to be great because it has a water volume of about 2 billion tons, and generate 12,600 megawatts of electricity for the country as well as Brazil and Paraguay have 18 generators with a large turbine.

Many tourists who flocked to the Itaipu Dam to see how beautiful this dam, which is in the same way that making a luxury building with 65 floors.