Bagnell Dam, the Beauty Sights of a Hydroelectric Plant in Missouri, United States

Bagnell Dam is a hydroelectric plant that became a tourist attraction because it has amazing scenic beauty. The dam is located in the state of Missouri, United States. Bagnell made of concrete, so the dam is a concrete gravity dam with. Construction of the dam was started from 1929 to 1931, and require about 4,600 workers who are dam location. In addition, during the construction of Bagnell Dam to require about 5082 cubic meters of concrete in one day. It is a big project, and if you are on vacation to Missouri, do not forget to visit and see this incredible building.

Bagnell Dam is a dam with beautiful scenery that can be enjoyed by every tourist who comes. Many tourists who have visited the Bagnell Dam to enjoy the beauty of the artificial lake, or their curiosity drives them to come and see the amazing Bagnel Dam.