Christmas and New Year Holidays in Paris, France

If you’re looking for a city that is suitable for the Christmas and New Year holidays, then you can choose the city of Paris in the State of France as a place to vacation with your family. Why choose the city of paris?
The answer is, because the city of Paris is a modern city that became the French capital, and there are many attractions you can visit, so the Christmas and New Year holidays with the family you will be more enjoyable.

Besides having a lot of tourist attractions, the city of Paris there are many luxury hotels that is suitable to stay for you and your family. In Paris there is also a very famous tourist attraction in the world, namely the Eiffel tower that you can visit while you are all Christmas and New Year holidays in the city of Paris, France.

You should know that the city of Paris France is a world famous city that became the most favorite tourist destination, and demand tens of millions of tourists. Within a year, the Paris city able to attract 30 million foreign tourists to come visit and vacation there.

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